10 Best Ecolodges in Morocco (UPDATED 2024)


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Ecolodges are becoming more and more popular in Morocco, as people are looking to get away from traditional hotels and enjoy a more sustainable and authentic experience.

If you’re thinking of visiting Morocco, here are 10 of the best Moroccan ecolodges to choose from. Each one is unique and offers its own set of activities and amenities.

Whether you’re looking for stunning views, an opportunity to meet local people, or simply some peace and quiet, there’s sure to be a Moroccan ecolodge that’s perfect for you!


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What’s a Moroccan ecolodge

Ecolodges in Morocco really have a lot to offer. But before we go any further, we should discuss what exactly an ecolodge is and why ecolodges are becoming so popular.

The idea of ecolodges, as places that were more natural and environmentally friendly than other mainstream accommodation options, gained prominence in the 90s. Unfortunately, the damage caused to our planet over the past 30 years has made the idea of the ecolodge more essential than ever.

More and more establishments are being designed and promoted according to the ecolodge philosophy. This philosophy suggests that the ecolodge should be based in a natural environment, provide some benefit to the local population and increase environmental awareness and education programs.

So, here are The 10 best Moroccan ecolodges that are waiting to host you this summer.

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1. Ecolodge La Palmeraie, Ouarzazate

Ecolodge La Palmeraie, Ouarzazate

The Palmeraie was previously called Boudar, an ancient Amazigh word that means “meeting”. Being located in a palm grove garden, it used to be a popular place frequented by travelers and hosted occasional gatherings around its prosperous freshwater well.

Since its establishment in 2008, this beautiful eco-lodge in Morocco has since been promoting eco-travel and sustainable tourism through its organic farming, responsible tourism, solidarity, and sustainability initiatives.

The Palmeraie ecolodge is a place of sharing and caring and it provides a tranquil escape from the noise of big cities. When it comes to accommodation and relaxation, The Palmeraie ecolodge provides different options from African bungalows and Berber houses to traditional clay rooms.

2. Ecolodge l’Île, Ouarzazate

Ecolodge l’Île, Ouarzazate

The Moroccan ecolodge L’ile is another peaceful retreat in Ouarzazate. If you are looking for a place with untouched nature and real authenticity where you can give yourself a real break, L‘ile ecolodge might be the right choice.

This ecohotel is located in a vast land surrounded by hills about 12 minutes from Ouarzazate. The traditional clay-built houses boast Berber architecture and promote eco-sustainability.

L’ile ecolodge offers not only a peaceful retreat and stunning views but also a sustainable travel experience. The lodge’s organic restaurant serves traditional Moroccan dishes with hand picked-ingredients from their garden.

3. Ouirgane Ecolodge, Marrakech

Ouirgane Ecolodge, Marrakech

Ouirgane Ecolodge is only an hour or so drive from Marrakech. Located in one of Toubkal mountain valleys, this Atlas eco-location is a true mix of modernity and authenticity.

The beautiful Moroccan ecolodge makes use of locally-made furniture and eco-friendly products, while its restaurant uses natural and organic ingredients.

Ouirgane lodge is more than just a conventional mountain hideout. Since it’s located in the Maghira village which is next to the National Taghrghourte Reserve, it provides more outdoor activities for its visitors, such as trips to the nearby village Imlil, the oasis of Toubkal, and treks in the High Atlas and its ever-green valleys.

4. Terres D’Amanar, Tahannout

moroccan-ecolodge-Terres-DAmanar Tahannout
Terres D’Amanar, Tahannout

Terres D’Amanar in Tahannout is located about 30km away from Marrakech in the heart of nature. This lovely Moroccan eco-lodge is surrounded by olive groves and when sitting on your room’s terrace or relaxing by the huge pool of the lodge you will be welcomed with stunning views over the Atlas mountains.

Terres D’Amanar is significantly committed to sustainable tourism by introducing eco-friendly practices such as outsourcing seasonal produce from local cooperatives, saving water and electricity, and reducing the amount of waste the hotel generates.

All in all, you will experience a warm Moroccan trip in Terres D’Amanar eco-lodge.

5. Ecolodge Atlas Kasbah, Agadir

Atlas Kasbah Ecolodge, Agadir

Located in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, Atlas Kasbah is one of the most unique and award-winning ecolodges in Morocco. It is just 3 miles away from Agadir city center and about 20 minutes from the beach.

Located inside an Argan forest, the eco-friendly lodge has won the award for “Best Hotel for Local Sourcing” at the World Responsible Tourism Awards (2015) in London. Atlas Kasbah ecolodge is considered one of the hotels in the world that sources its full operation from its local region providing its guests with an unforgettable experience of Morocco’s historically rich Agadir city.

The ecolodge offers a well-pampered stay in Morocco but also a few great local activities. From the glorious Hammam spa treatments and day trips to Agadir and its surroundings to retreats including yoga, meditation, and art.

6. La Pause, Marrakech

La pause, Marrakech

Offering no WIFI and no electricity, this luxury ecolodge sees itself as a place where time seems to have stopped, or perhaps they just need to replace their clocks. La Pause (In English: The Break) is an eco-friendly lodge located in a peaceful oasis of the Agafay Desert, just 30 km away from Marrakech.

If you want to live a magical Moroccan travel experience with a touch of warmth and homely intimacy, La Pause is the right place for you. It is a true and authentic Moroccan ecolodge that is a part of the natural beauty that surrounds it.

7. Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa, Taghazout

7. Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa, Taghazout
Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa, Taghazout

Overlooking a beautiful garden, an outdoor swimming pool with a special area for yoga, and the beach, Paradis Plage Surf & Yoga is a brilliant place to relax and unwind after experiencing the Moroccan busy life.

Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa was first founded on the principle of sustainable tourism. Logged between the Atlas Mountains and beautiful beaches, the ecolodge Paradis Surf was granted the Green Key Lable award four times in a row for its best sustainable practices.

While you will be in total immersion in the exotic culinary and cultural atmosphere you can always try some sports water activities provided at the resort’s Surf House.

8. Terre Des Etoiles Ecolodge, Agafay

Terre Des Etoiles Ecolodge, Agafay

Terre Des Etoiles (Land of the stars) is a magical ecolodge in Morocco. Located just a stone-throw away from imperial Marrakech, the moon-like ecolodge has been sustainably created.

If you are lucky enough to book your stay in Terre Des Etoiles, you’ll find a handful of secluded Berber tents, camels, horses, a restaurant for fine dining, and a swimming pool in the middle of the Atlas Mountains.

Terre Des Etoile uses seasonal and organic produce to prepare the most delicious Moroccan foods you will ever taste. This Moroccan ecolodge is, without a doubt, a unique fusion between sustainable tourism and the Moroccan culinary experience.

9. Toubkal Ecolodge, Imlil

Toubkal Ecolodge, Imlil

Riad Toubkal Ecolodge is a hidden gem in the middle of the Berber countryside in Morocco. Located somewhere in the mountains of the famous Imlil village, the eco-friendly lodge is proudly sustainable, with spectacular landscape and nature views.

Toubkal Ecolodge strives every day to implement eco concepts wherever possible to make your holiday not only comfortable but also with a minimal impact on our precious environment. It supports the eco-friendly tourism industry in Morocco by relying on rainwater, recycled wastewater, and sourcing locally made products.

So, if you’re searching for somewhere in Morocco with a conscience to flop down in extreme relaxation while saving the environment, this is the ecolodge for you.

10. Issouganes N Toubkal Ecolodge, Oukaïmeden

morocco ecolodges issouganes n toubkal
Issouganes N Toubkal Ecolodge, Oukaïmeden

Issouganes N Toubkal Ecolodge is located only one and a half hours from the famous city of Marrakech. The hotel introduces the Moroccan culture and experience in an eco-friendly way while promoting sustainable tourism in Morocco.

Hidden in the rocky mountains of the Atlas, Issouganes N Toubkal is ideally situated in a calm and peaceful location with picturesque views of the Atlas valleys. The eco-hotel is also surrounded by natural attractions such as the Oukaimden ski resort and the Oussertek river.

Issouganes N Toubkal Ecolodge is a Berber house that combines ecotourism and Moroccan authenticity, so it’s certainly a place that’s worth checking out for a lovely stay.

Morocco awaits you!

This article has shown that the idea of ecotourism is now a reality. The Moroccan ecolodges showcased here have taken into account the concepts of ecotourism while also creating a unique and amazing Moroccan guest experience.

Morocco serves as the ideal location for ecotourism since it still has several natural and equally beautiful environments that have not been corrupted by pollution and over-development.

Let us know what you think about these ecolodges and if you stay at one of them in the future, we would love to hear about your experience.

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