This is Mint Tea Trails

Salam! Fatima and Faheem here, the hearts and souls behind Mint Tea Trails, a vibrant canvas of stories, insights, and explorations dedicated to the mesmerizing land of Morocco. Our blogging journey, which began in 2019, is as unique as the country we adore; a blend of local roots and global perspectives, of familiar streets and new horizons.

Who is Fatima?

Hi, my name is Fatima. A proud Moroccan who, for the longest time, lived and breathed the air of my homeland without fully grasping its magic. It took stepping away, building a life abroad, to see Morocco in a new light.

Who is Faheem?

Hi. I’m Faheem. I come from the diverse landscapes of South Africa. My journey interweaved with Fatima, and together we embarked on a life-changing decision: to return to Morocco and truly discover it, from the bustling souks of Marrakech to the serene sands of the Sahara.

But why Mint Tea Trails?

Our blog, Mint Tea Trails, is a tribute to Morocco’s diverse beauty. We delve into every aspect – its vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, hidden gems, and practical insights into living and working here. It’s for anyone who dreams of visiting, plans to settle, or is simply intrigued by the wonders of Morocco.

Our Approach

In Mint Tea Trails, we speak in a voice that’s casual and friendly, like a chat over Moroccan mint tea. Our posts are filled with personal stories and perspectives – mine, as a local Moroccan, and Faheem’s, as a foreigner who’s grown to love Morocco as his own. We aim for clarity and connection, avoiding complex jargon.

Our Vision

We envision Mint Tea Trails as a comprehensive guide and a window into the Moroccan soul. Whether it’s a hidden café in Tangier or a sunset in the Sahara, we’re here to share these experiences with authenticity and warmth.

Join Our Journey

So, whether you’re planning a trip, dreaming of a new life in Morocco, or just curious about this part of the world, we invite you to journey with us through our stories. Let’s explore the bustling streets, serene beaches, and all the hidden treasures in between.

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