100 Things to Do in Morocco: The Only Guide You Need

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There are just so many amazing, weird and wonderful things to do in Morocco. Morocco sits at the crossroads between Africa and Europe and is the gateway to the Mediterranean.

With stunning landscapes all around, the High Atlas Mountains, the Atlantic Ocean, and of course the Sahara Desert, there is no wrong time of the year to visit Morocco.

During the summer months, the coast is perfect for swimming and surfing. In winter you can visit the Sahara, ride a camel and enjoy the clearest night sky for stargazing. And in between, the mountains call for a trekking adventure.

Today, Morocco is one of those nations that still holds a piece of its past while embracing the future. This is a comprehensive list of everything that you could do on your next trip to Morocco.

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1. Spend a few days in Marrakech

Marrakech Menara

Marrakech is one of the Moroccan cities that leaves its visitors speechless. From the bustling Jamaa El Fena square to beautiful gardens and luxury hotels and Riads, the city has everything for everyone. That’s why spending a few days in Marrakech first is the way to experience Morocco’s culture and people.

2. Taste the Moroccan Tagine dish

Tagine Dish

If Morocco was a food it would be the Tagine of course. Moroccan food is so rich and tasty and my favorite from all dishes in the Moroccan lamb Tagine. Tagine is the name of the dish and the pot that’s cooked in.

In Morocco markets, you can see these cone-shaped pots everywhere you go. I highly recommend buying a handmade Moroccan Tagine pot to use at home, they add a great taste to your food.

3. Explore Casablanca

Casablanca old Medina

Casablanca isn’t probably the city that shouts Morocco but it got something special for sure. Being the busiest city in the whole country, Casablanca accommodates the biggest airport, Mohammed V. If you are visiting Morocco I think your first stop will be Casablanca. So, I recommend you stop for a day or two to explore the city and its attractions.

4. Spend a night under the stars in the Sahara

Sahara night camp

When I hear Morocco I imagine the golden dunes of the Sahara and a camp under the shining stars in a dark night. Experiencing that part of the country is really like living a poem of unimaginable experiences. When you book a Sahara tour in Morocco, make sure they include outdoor camping. You just have to experience it.

5. Stay in a nice Moroccan Riad

Moroccan Riad

Riad is a type of traditional Moroccan accommodation. They are old-style houses that were renovated to become an extraordinary Moroccan experience. They usually have a few rooms or suites only which means you get customized service and all the attention. Staying in a Moroccan riad is one of my favorite things to do in Morocco and I can’t recommend it enough.

6. Spend TWO days in the famed blue Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen Street

Chefchaouen is a small city hidden in the Rif mountains. It’s an Instagram famous city in Morocco so I’m sure you have across one of these stunning pictures of a completely white and blue town. It’s Chefchaouem! A must-visit place in Morocco.

7. Experience camel trekking in the desert

Camel trekking in the Moroccan Sahara

One of the most recommended things to do in Morocco is enjoying a camel trek across the orange dunes of the Sahara. the ride takes about two hours in total where you go up and down the sand mountains, you stop for a while to enjoy sandboarding, and then you camel back to the desert camp to spend the night chanting and dancing under the stars.

8. Summit the famous Jebel Toubkal

Sunset at the summit of Toubkal

The 4,167 meters Toubkal peak is the highest in the Atlas mountains and in North Africa. If you’re an adventure lover I highly recommend this experience. Toubkal is considered one of the beautiful hiking challenges to experience in your lifetime. The good thing is that you can try and summit the mountain in both the summer and in winter when Toubkal has become a winter wonderland.

9. Visit the leather tanneries in Fez

Chouara tanneries

Leather tanneries are one of Fez’s most important highlights. During our time in Fez, we were lucky to visit two amazing tanneries. However, the Chouara tannery is the biggest and the stinkiest (the stink is a part of the experience). If you have to choose only one go for Chouara.

10. Treat yourself with an authentic Hammam

Moroccan Hammam Products

Moroccan Hammam or Spa is great to unwind and relax after a long day out and about in the Souks. If you feel like having a Moroccan massage and Hammam experience just ask your hotel or Riad staff where to find one. Also, most Moroccan Riads have their own Hammam. During the Hammam process, Moroccans use some great beauty products.

11. Shop until you drop in Souk Semmarine, Marrakech

Products in Marrakech Souk

Souvenir shopping in the Souks and the traditional marketplaces is a part of the authentic Morocco experience. Every city features one or two huge Souks where both locals and tourists shop. Marrakech is no different. Souk Semmarine is a bustling market in Marrakech that is offering everything from colorful clothing & fabrics to antiques, food, and spices.

12. Go windsurfing

Windsurfing in Taghazout

What a lot of people don’t know is that Morocco is an adventurous windsurfing destination. With several windsurfing holiday spots such as Essaouira, Dakhla, Agadir, and Taghazout, Morocco attracts thousands of tourists and windsurfing lovers every year to experience the strong winds of the Atlantic coast.

13. Wander at Ait Ben Haddou in Ouarzazate

Ait Ben Haddou

Ouarzazate is home to many amazing attractions, one of them is Ait Ben Haddou castle. You have probably come across it on social media. This place is pretty famous and why not be famous! Ait Ben Haddou is where a few Game of Thrones scenes were filmed, also where Khaleesi drank tea and took pictures.

14. Explore Rabat, the capital city of Morocco

Hassan tower in Rabat

Rabat is probably one of the most overlooked cities in Morocco. Yet, Rabat is home to many historical attractions such as Mohammed VI Museum, the Royal Palace, and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, and many more. Moreover, Rabat has a very quiet atmosphere if you’re looking to run away from the tourist brouhaha of other cities.

15. Drive through the winding roads of Dades Gorge

Roads to Dades Gorge

Gorges of Dades are one of the most stunning rock formations and landscapes in Morocco. To get to it you have to pass through some seriously CRAZY zigzagged roads. The experience is adventurous but the reward is a Bird’s-eye view of the roads carved up in a gigantic Atlas mountain.

16. Visit Moulay Idriss Zerhoun

Moulay Idriss Zerhoun

Moulay Idriss Zerhoun is considered a holy site in Morocco. Until 2005 non-Muslims weren’t allowed to visit this little town after sunset. In case you’re wondering Moulay Idriss Zerhoun is the burial place of Moulay Idriss el Akbar, a sixth-generation descendant of the Prophet Muhammad and the founder of what’s known now as the spiritual town of Morocco.

17. See the gorgeous Ouzoud Waterfalls

Ouzoud waterfalls

A visit to Ouzoud waterfalls is a great day trip from Marrakech. Located in Azilal province, the falls are a popular destination for mostly locals in the nearby cities (Azizl and Beni Mellal). However, this little heaven appears to be more than a local attraction with many tourists coming from Marrakech every day making it a pleasant day trip.

18. Marvel at the arches of Legzira beach

Legzira beach

Legzira beach is one of Morocco’s amazing beaches and tourist destinations. Located just a few km away from Sidi Ifni city, the beach is famous for its uniquely formed arches and rocks. Also, the beach is a good escape for a quiet beach walk, family and friends picnic, or even windsurfing.

19. Explore Tangier’s Medina

Tangier Medina

Right on the straight of Gibraltar, Tangier city plays a major economic and social role in connecting Morocco with Europe since the beginning of time. Like most cities in Morocco, Tangier has its own old Medina.

20. Visit Morocco’s Switzerland, Ifrane

Ifranes stone lion

Ifrane is one of the few cities in Morocco where you can experience the snow. Yes, it snows in Morocco. Michliffen mountain peak in Ifrane is considered the highest in Africa and in winter it really transforms into a winter wonderland. With snow covering Ifrane and its surroundings, Michliffen ski resort becomes a popular winter destination for locals and tourists alike.

21. Travel back in time at ancient Roman city Volubilis

The ruins of Volubilis date back to the 3 century B.C. It was believed to be a thriving Roman city that has several structures. Only a few walls and pillars still remain. The site is not far from Meknes and would be a quick day trip.

22. Try kitesurfing in Essaouira

Of the many things to do in Essaouria, kitesurfing is probably the coolest. The weather is moderatley cool and breezy which makes it the ideal spot.

23. Marvel at Koutoubia Mosque

In addition to being an icon of the glorious Almoravid period, Koutoubia is the first mosque that comes up when you search Morocco mosque. It has been the prototype mosque for centuries, not just in Morocco but all over the world. Aspects of its designs embody almost all of the thousands of mosques in Morocco today, specifically, its long decorated block tower.

24. Enjoy the beach in Asilah

Asilah in the North is the perfect beach town. It has a lovely swimming beach that you just can’t get enough of. The city also has a lot of history and shopping that make it a worthwhile destination.

25. Visit Atlas film studios

If you are a movie buff then you know that Morocco is the default shooting site for many Hollywood desert, post-apocalypse and period piece type films that have a desert setting. Atlas Studios is open to visitors on most days. Some famous films made here were Kingdom of Heaven, Gladiator, and the series Game of Thrones.

26. Book a tour in Hassan II mosque

Sure, you can visit Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca for free and pray there but the sheer scale of it is so immense and overwhelming that you won’t be able to tour it yourself. After all, it is one of the largest mosques in the world. By taking a tour you can experience the meanings behind all the amazing designs and art pieces on display there.

27. Stroll around the alleys and markets of Fes El Bali

Probably still the most iconic city of Morocco, you must visit Fez at least once in your life. The heart of the city, Fes El Bali, is an enchanting market of fresh foods, arts and crafts, leather, and everything Moroccan. It is a symphony of sounds and smells that can’t be missed.

28. Stop at the “The Hills Have Eyes” gas station

The Hills Have Eyes is a really gruesome and dark film that I would not recommend anyone to watch. In fact, if you did watch the film then maybe you would want to skip this scary site. Anyway, the remake of this terrifying 70s horror movie was shot in Morocco in 2006. Interestingly, a part of the set remains of the highway in the desert of Ouarzazate. It really does look like a scene out of a horror film.

If you have a thing for weird and interesting sites, just google “The Hills Have Eyes gas station” and you will get the location. What happens next, we can’t say. Be warned!

29. Visit the underground Kara prison

Another gloomy site is the chillingly cool and dark Kara Prison in Meknes. This is a huge underground prison that is said to extend for miles. It is an amazing work of art. It is said that prisoners would be thrown in from the top and left to wander the massive man-made cave until they died. This prison has no gates or bars. Just imagine! Kara Prison is in the old city of Meknes and is open to tourists but please don’t get lost in there.

30. Photograph the Royal stables of Meknes

Back in the day, there were no sports cars like Ferrari or Bugatti. So what did the rich and famous blow all their cash on, fine horses of course! This was the case with the eminent Sultan Moulay Ismail, the 17th century of Morocco. And how many horses are we talking about here…a fleet of 12000 horses. Now that is a lot of horse-power. While those horses are long gone, the stables are still there, as a relic of his excess and grandeur. We did go past the stables on our last trip to Meknes, on a horse carriage, ironically, but the stables were not open due to COVID. Perhaps we would be more fortunate next time.

31. Attend the rose festival in El Kelaa des Mgouna Valley

If you love the smell of roses than get yourself to the Moroccan Valley of Roses in the month of May. You will see roses everywhere, get to experience the celebrations and even see how roses are harvested and turned into rose water. You will never see that many roses anywhere else.

32. Visit Imlil village

Tucked away in the Atlas mountains Imlil village can be a great escape from the hectic city life in Morocco. If you happen to be in Morocco especially in Marrakech take a day or 2 to visit Imlil village.

33. Have a Freshly Squeezed Glass of Sugarecane Juice

Sugarcane juice is one of the many fresh fruit juices that you can buy on the streets of any city in Morocco. However, this drink is a popular cold drink in Morocco, especially in the summer months. It is also said to have several benefits.

34. Buy a Moroccan pouf

This is one of those things you need to have in your house to show off whenever anyone comes to your house. It sits in a corner of your office or living room and says ” I’m cool and exotic and I went to Morocco”. That’s all it is really. However, some people love them. They think that it’s a handy piece to have around as a footrest or a thing to sit on.

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35. Visit the impressive palaces in Morocco

If you really want to experience the height of Moroccan architecture, in all its glory, you must visit the royal palaces. Most palaces are located in Marrakech and Fes. For more on theses amazing masterpieces of history, check the link below of palaces in Morocco.

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36. Enjor winter in Africa’s best ski resort, Oukaimeden

Yes, you really can ski in Morocco. Okaimeden is a beautiful ski resort in the winter when the snow comes in quite thick. It also has hikes and other fun stuff to do like visit the old villages and explore the rich biodiversity of this clean and pure landscape.

37. Take a cooking class in Marrakech

Are you the person who ends up going back to Morocco again and again just for the food? Perhaps it’s time to take a Moroccan cuisine cooking class. It is a really fun activitity to do and if you like cooking, theres’s nothing better than learning to make something new.

38. Photograph the fishing port of Essaouira

The fishing port of Essaouira evokes so many emotions. Not to mention the sounds and smells. It’s the perfect Kodak moment in Essaouira. If you go there at sunset, you will see an even better surprise.

39. Travel back in time at the Portuguese Cistern of El Jadida

40. Buy a Moroccan rug

Moroccan Hand-made rugs have been made the same traditional way in the Moroccan highlands for centuries. This valuable rug is not only a stylish item to add to your living space but also a timeless piece of art.

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41. Try the mouthwatering Tangia in Marrakech

By now you would have already clocked that the food in Morocco is seriously delicious. One such treat is the Tangia, which is made especially well in the city of Marrakech. For more Moroccan treats see Moroccan Food.

42. Enjoy the Moroccan mint tea

Moroccan tea is Morocco’s national drink for a good reason. What you mustn’t do is leave Morocco without consuming a few pots of it. It is tasty and healthy and if you don’t watch yourself, you can really get hooked on the stuff, it’s addictive. That’s my truth after over 3 years since my first visit to Morocco. In fact, I drinking a cup right now.

43. Marvel at Marakkech gardens

The imperial city of Marrakech is home to more than a few elegant gardens. Spend a day walking through the beautiful gardens while reminiscing of the good old days of the empires of old.

44. Visit the mysterious Ruins of Tombs of Merinids

45. Try Couscous on a Friday

Friday is the best day of the week, hands down. People have Friday traditions and in Morocco, Couscous Friday is that thing. Many people love to eat couscous for Friday lunch. Some people even demand it. If you want to try couscous, Friday is the day since many restaurants make it especially fresh and good, in keeping with the tradition. :TGICF” – Thank God It’s Couscous Friday!!!

46. Attend a traditional Moroccan wedding

There is no easy way to do this. You can either marry a Moroccan, which involves a motherload of paperwork or make friends and hope that they someday invite you, hoping that you won’t come. Then you pitch up and surprise them! The Moroccan wedding isn’t a single event or party, it’s a long and colorful experience, with a shower of good yummy treats all the way. I’d go for the food.

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47. Visit the Village of Tafraoute

48. Hike Todra Gorge

49. Learn the Moroccan Arabic

There are many ways to immerse yourself in the Moroccan culture, one certain way is to learn Moroccan Arabic. Moroccan Arabic is an interesting variety of Arabic that has several linguistic influences that make it distinct from standard Arabic. It is also the pride of the Moroccan people and the unofficial language of all Moroccans.

50. Visit Tetouan’s UNESCO Centre

51. Book a romantic meal at a Riad

things to do in morocco book a meal in a riad

Make sure to enjoy at least one home-cooked lunch or dinner in a beautiful riad in Morocco. The cooking will be much more authentic than what you will find in most restaurants. And of course, the staff will treat you with the hospitality that is customary for Morocco. My husband and I booked lunch in Riad Kniza. They had a nice setup ready for us on the roof and the food was so yummy.

Feast on a Moroccan Breakfast

A Moroccan breakfast consists of a variety of freshly made breads, eggs, olives and condiments. Not to mention the obligatory Moroccan tea. This is the best way to start your day. You don’t have to go far to get your breakfast, let it come to you at your Riad or a traditional hotel.

Experience Taghazout beach sunset

things to do in Morocco sunset in taghazout
Sunset in Taghazout beach

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