Where to stay in Marrakech In 2024?

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Deciding where to stay in Marrakech can be tough especially for first timers because it really depends on what you want to do. 

There isn’t one “best” area. Knowing about the different parts of Marrakech can help you decide where to say in the city.

Best areas to stay in Marrakech?

One of the first options to consider when looking to stay in Marrakech is the Old Medina.

The Old Medina is the walled part of the city and it’s also a vast area, so you will still have to make a decision on where you want to be within the Old Medina.

Marrakech horse carriage
Marrakech horse carrigaes

Marrakech Medina is a bustling area full of businesses, local homes, tourists, and attractions. It’s definitely not a quiet place to stay.

If you are after a quiet retreat, consider looking outside the walls of the Medina.

Areas like Gueliz, Palmeraie, or even the southern part of the Medina (Kasbah) could be suitable options.

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Around Jamaa El Fna

The central part of the Medina, which surrounds Jemaa El Fna square, is an option for first-timers in Marrakech.

This is by far the most popular area to stay in Marrakech as everyone wants to be close to the action.

There are several popular attractions and places to eat and drink in this area, and you don’t need to walk far to enjoy your stay.

Kasba and Mellah

There is also the southern part of Medina, known as the Kasbah area. This is where the royal palace is located, and a significant part of the Kasbah district is still occupied by the official royal palace.

In this area, there are the Saadian Tombs, the Badi Palace, the Mellah (Jewish district), and the famous Café Clock. 

Saadian Tombs in Marrakech Kasbah district
Saadian Tombs in Kasbah district

Moving from the Kasbah district to other parts of the Medina, like Jemaa El Fna, for example, takes a walk of about 30 minutes or so through the alleys of the Medina, or a taxi ride of maybe 10 minutes.


Gueliz is another choice where you can spend your holiday in Marrakech. It’s outside the old city and is the newest and most modern part of the city. 

You’ll find lots of hotels, Airbnbs, shopping centers and many places to eat. Gueliz is different from the vibes of the Old Medina, and it’s quieter and great if you have a car. 

where to stay in Marrakech Gueliz
Gueliz district in Marrakech

Staying in a Riad vs a Hotel: Which is better?

Choosing between staying in a riad and a hotel in Marrakech depends on the kind of experience you’re looking for. 

Staying in a Riad

I personally love staying in Riads in Morocco. I prefer the authentic experience they offer over a regular, uninspiring hotel. 

Riads are popular for their intimate, home-like atmosphere and the beautiful, intricate Moroccan designs and decorations. And despite being within a bustling district, Riads can offer a peaceful and quiet retreat once you step inside.

But, it’s important to remember that Riads in Marrakech are mostly located in the Old Medina and are typically housed in old buildings because they are traditional Moroccan homes renovated into guest accommodations. 

Many are actually located in narrow streets inaccessible to cars, so if you’re driving, you’ll likely need to park in a paid parking area outside the Medina. 

Plus, Riads also have a limited number of rooms which are often smaller in size. If you have a large family and require shared rooms, they may not be able to accommodate you. 

Staying in regular Hotels 

Regular hotels in Marrakech are typically located outside the walled part of the Medina. If you prefer a regular hotel, consider looking around Gueliz or just beyond the Old Medina.

Hotels offer better accessibility compared to riads in the Old Medina. If you have mobility issues, a regular hotel might be a more suitable choice over riads.

If you are looking for luxury stays, the Palmeraie district is famous for its resorts and luxury accommodation options in Marrakech.

What is the difference between Medina & Kasbah?

The Medina of Marrakech is the historical heart of the city, surrounded by the city’s ancient walls. And the Kasbah is a specific area located within the southern part of Medina.

The Kasbah was historically the royal citadel of the city, a fortified area that housed the sultan’s palace, barracks, and administrative buildings.

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