Should you Spend Christmas Holidays in Morocco?

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Are you wondering if you should visit Morocco during your Christmas holidays? And do you want to know what Christmas is like in Morocco? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

The 25th of December every year is a public holiday in some countries and a huge celebration for billions of people around the globe. Chrismas trees and decorations are put in place days before, special Christmas food is prepared, and families and friends gather to spend the night together.

However, in many Muslim countries around the world, like Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Christmas day is just another normal day of the year. So what about Christmas in Morocco?

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Christmas in Morocco

Should you spend the Christmas holidays in Morocco?

This is certainly a hard question to answer as I don’t know what you would expect for a Christmas holiday. But if you are expecting reindeer, Santa Clause, and people singing Silent Night in the streets, you won’t find this in Morocco.

Christmas in Morocco is much quieter. However, if you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Christmas, then Morocco is your place to do that!

Does Morocco celebrate Christmas?

Does morocco celebrate Christmas? The answer is yes and no. Morocco is a Muslim country and while Muslims love and revere Jesus, they do not acknowledge any of the celebrations or rituals associated with December 25th.

Unfortunately, the 25th of December is not a holiday in Morocco. The truth is that many Moroccans don’t even know what the 25th of December is. Yet, Morocco’s megacities such as Rabat, Casablanca, and most importantly Marrakech are considered a favorite destinations for many tourists to spend their Christmas holidays.

A few days before Christmas, you might start noticing some decorated Christmas trees here and there. Shopping malls in Casablanca, Rabat, and Marrakech light their big Christmas trees, storefronts, and windows decorated with Christmas ornaments, and hotels advertise for Christmas dinners and parties.

Where to spend Christmas in Morocco?

Christmas holidays fall in the winter season in Morocco. December somehow become a very popular month to visit Morocco. It is tough one of the coldest months of the year.

Marrakech however might be a great Christmas holiday destination. The weather would be sunny enough during the day to enjoy a stroll in the Souk and cold enough at night to head to the hotel and enjoy the celebration indoors.

Marrakech also boasts some of the best hotels in the world that can give you the perfect Christmas holiday.

Royal Mansour

Royal Mansour in Marrakech is truly a once-in-a-lifetime hotel experience in Morocco. The luxury hotel provides a lavish experience to its visitors, especially during Christmas.

The Royal Mansour comes alive every year with elaborate and unique Christmas decorations prepared by experienced designers, in addition to many performances and parties organized during the holidays.

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La Mamounia

La Mamounia is another favorite in Morocco for holidays. The hotel magically transforms into a Christmas heaven with its elegantly decorated trees and divine December treats. Plus, the entertainment options are unlimited in La Mamounia during the Christmas holidays.

There are many Riads and hotels that take into consideration the Christmas holiday in Morocco. is the best place to find and book hotel deals for Christmas.

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If you are more interested in Riads, I have put in place a list of stunning Riads in Morocco and I’m sure you will find one that you like there. Check it out!

Good to Know: Christmas celebrations in Muslim countries

Christmas is not recognized in many Muslim countries for different reasons. Firstly, some Muslim countries follow Islamic law which does not allow Muslims to observe festivals of other religions publically. Also, it is just not part of the culture. Muslim countries have not always adopted mainstream western values and cultural ideas.

However, countries that have Christian minorities do have people that celebrate Christmas. Also, the commercial aspect of Christmas has been gaining momentum in some Muslim countries and Morocco is no exception. Companies have begun marketing special gifts and treats for Christmas.

In some tourist areas, you may find trees and designs. Also, the idea of Christmas sales and promotions is seen as another advertising opportunity to get people to buy stuff.


Christmas in some counties like the United States is amazing and there is a strong Christmas vibe everywhere you go. If you are a Christmas lover who loves all things Christmas, then you would not appreciate visiting Morocco, where Christmas really isn’t a big deal.

However, if you find the carrols, Santas, and elaborate Christmas decorations too over the top, not to mention the insane Christmas rush, then you will find none of that in Morocco during Christmas.

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