What to buy in Morocco: Best 8 Souvenirs & Gifts

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Wondering what to buy in Morocco? A trip to Morocco is not complete without souvenir shopping .

As a Moroccan who loves shopping and snagging deals, I’ve put together this guide to show you the best things to buy , where to find the best markets (Souks), and how much to pay for souvenirs.


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What to buy from Morocco?

A big part of Moroccan charm is in its endless selection of traditional and authentic goodies and souvenirs.

In every city, Moroccan culture is uniquely showcased, from the northern city of Tangier to the southern city of Marrakech, and even in the central hub of Casablanca. You’ll find markets in each city, packed with treasures to buy.

Most of the things you’ll find are handcrafted with love. Think epic clothes, rad Moroccan rugs, and all-natural beauty products.

If you’re heading to Morocco, brace yourself for a hefty haul of gifts and souvenirs to bring back home.

Moroccan leather goods

Leather goods are one of the top souvenirs to buy when visiting Morocco. And you have a vast variety of goods to choose from.

Moroccan leather goods for sale in the market (souq)
Leather goods displayed in one of the shop in Marrakech

From comfy poufs and stylish clothes to unique bags and durable shoes, the choice is endless.

These leather treasures can be found everywhere in the souks, specifically at Old Medina of Fez and Marrakech.

Moroccan poufs

I like Moroccan poufs, they are very comfy and stylish. Make sure to buy at least one to add that splash of Berber culture to your house or apartment.

There are a variety of poufs in Moroccan Souks. Some of them are round others are rectangular. They come in different colors and patterned styles, sometimes with extra Moroccan accessories.

moroccan poufs souvenirs from Morocco

They are the perfect choice for Morocco gifts for many tourists as they are lightweight if you buy them unstuffed.

You can find them in all touristy cities in Morocco like Marrakech, Fez, Casablanca, and Rabat.

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Moroccan babouche or slippers

The Moroccan slippers are one of the most important items of Moroccan traditional apparel.

We wear them during special occasions such as weddings and baby showers and Eid celebrations

moroccan slippers souvenir shopping
Moroccan slippers

The Babouche is handmade of soft and pliable colored leather. It comes in a variety of styles and designs from very simple to one with multiple colors, patterns, and embroidery.

You can find these in every single Market (Souk) in Morocco.

Argan-based products & Argan oil

Argan oil comes from the Argan tree, indigenous to Morocco and it has so many health benefits.

There is also a roasted form of Argan oil that we use in our Moroccan cuisine for cooking, seasoning and as a dipping for bread.

Organic agran oil souvenirs and gifts from Morocco

The unroasted form of Argan oil is used on the skin and hair. It can hydrate the skin and repair hair damage.

Argan oil is available internationally but the best thing is to buy it from the source, this way you know it’s authentic and you get it at a much cheaper price.

And the best place to buy authentic Argan oil products are the local cooperatives.

You can also buy other products that are made of Agran oil such as soaps, creams and even food. I like Amlou, it’s a spread made of Argan oil, honey and almonds.

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Handmade Moroccan rugs & carpets

A great rug can transform a room. If you are interested in upgrading your house decor, there is no better choice than one or two Berber rugs to buy as a souvenir from Morocco.

You can use them literally everywhere in the house. For example, in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, as well as a wall decoration.

moroccan rugs

Moroccan vintage rugs are 100% handmade by different Berber tribes. This is the reason why you will find different unique styles. It can be very difficult to choose your own rug between hundreds of beautiful ones.

I highly recommend having an idea of where you wanna place it, what size and colors it should be before you go shopping, or even before you come to Morocco, and let the vendor know and he will definitely help you choose your rug.

Rugs are available in Fez, Marrakech, Asilah, and many other cities. The prices can vary from one shop to another and from one city to another. Just don’t forget to bargain VERY HARD.

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Moroccan Spices & Dried Herbs

In our Moroccan cuisine, we make use of several spices and herbs. Such as cinnamon, saffron, Paprika, Cumin, ginger, fenugreek, Ras Elhanout (head of the store), and a lot more to make rich, flavored dishes.

The most recommended spices to take back home from your Morocco trip are Ras El Hanout, Ginger, Black Pepper, Cumin, Turmeric, Saffron .

moroccan spices souvenirs to buy from Morocco

These five spices are enough to make basic Moroccan recipes like Tagine and Couscous.

I also recommend buying a generous amount of “Ras Elhanout” and Saffron if you are planning on cooking advanced Moroccan dishes very often.

To learn more about Moroccan spices, check out this post .

Moroccan handmade soap

 If you go to the Souq and see stalls of colored bars in different shapes, that’s the Moroccan handmade soap.

The colors represent the different scents and flavors that the organic soap is made of.

moroccan organic soap-souvenir shopping in morocco

You can find rose, vervain, oud, orange, argan, and many more flavors. The Moroccan soap smells amazing and it can be a great souvenir or gift to take back home from Morocco.

Plus, it will cost you nothing, so take as many as you want!

Moroccan wedding blankets

In case you have never heard of it, a Moroccan wedding blanket is a handmade rug or throws that is traditionally made for Moroccan brides by their family (mom).

Moroccan wedding blankets are now a famous item that many of us would love to have as decoration in the house.

Wedding blankets are usually made in light colors, like white or beige but you can find them in dark colors as well. They come decorated with metallic sequins.

There may ways you can use these beautiful items. For example, they can be used as a bed or couch throw, a carpet, or as a wall decoration.

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Final Thoughts

Shopping in Morocco is a rich experience that allows tasting the real Moroccan culture. This guide provides you with trusted information about souvenir shopping in Morocco.

Most of the suggested products are items I like and use and some other products are most appreciated by tourists. The most important part of shopping for gifts in Morocco is to enjoy the experience as you get to mix and mingle with the locals.

So what is your favorite souvenir item in the list above? Do you have another favorite buy in Morocco? Please let me know in the comments I would be glad to add it to my shopping guide list.


gifts from morocco pin1
gifts from morocco pin1

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