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Heading to Morocco in June is like stepping into a world filled with amazing culture, breathtaking views, and lively city vibes, all under the cozy warmth of the early summer sun. 

If you’re not sure about what the weather will be like, what to pack, and the best places to explore in Morocco during June, I’ve got you covered. 

Morocco in June

June is one of the hottest months in Morocco, though places like Essaouira and Tangier on the coast keep their cool. 

This month is perfect if you are looking for a quieter visit, as there are fewer tourists around.

Plus, June is your last chance to go on a Sahara Desert tour as the heat becomes much more intense in July and August.

morocco in june

Weather in June

June’s visit to Morocco will welcome you with open arms into the warmth of the Moroccan summer. The days were sunny and long, perfect for exploring:

By the coast (like Casablanca or Essaouira), it’s pretty mild with temperatures swinging from 18°C (64°F) in the mornings and evenings to around 25°C (77°F) in the daytime.

Central cities (think Marrakech or Fez), get ready for some heat, with daytime temperatures often climbing to 35°C (95°F) or more, though it cools off a bit at night.

Up north or in the mountains, it’s generally cooler and more comfy, with a big difference between day and night temperatures. It can get warm during the day, but evenings might require an extra layer, especially if you’re up high.

What to Pack in June

With the warm weather and local culture in mind, here’s what to bring:

Go for light, airy fabrics like cotton or linen.

Bring layers for cooler evenings or if you’re hitting the mountains.

Don’t forget sun protection: hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are must-haves.

Comfortable shoes are key for exploring the old towns and maybe even some hiking.

Dress modestly, especially when visiting religious spots or traditional areas. Beautiful ladies, for your comfort, pack long skirts or dresses and avoid short, tight, and revealing clothes.

Fez Morocco

Places to visit in June

Marrakech: Dive into the lively Jemaa el-Fnaa square, visit the Majorelle Garden, and check out the Bahia Palace.

Fez: Get a taste of Moroccan heritage with a trip through the old medina, Al-Quaraouiyine Mosque, and the Chouara Tannery.

Essaouira: This chill coastal town is famous for its fresh seafood, relaxed vibe, and historic Portuguese fortifications.

Chefchaouen: Stroll through this dreamy mountain town with streets painted in shades of blue, offering peaceful views and perfect photo ops.

Sahara Desert: Go on a camel ride and spend a night under the stars at a desert camp. The Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga dunes are must-sees.

Fun things to do in June

Cooking Classes: Learn how to whip up traditional Moroccan dishes like tagine and couscous.

Moroccan food

Hot Air Balloon Ride: Catch a breathtaking sunrise view over the Marrakech area and the Atlas Mountains from a hot air balloon.

Surfing: June’s great for hitting the waves in Taghazout or Essaouira, whether you’re just starting out or already know your way around a surfboard.

Hiking: The Atlas Mountains are calling! Toubkal National Park has trails for all levels, offering stunning views and a peek into Berber village life.

Festivals to Hit Up In June

Gnaoua World Music Festival (Essaouira): End of June sees this musical bash, celebrating Gnaoua tunes along with African, Berber, and Arabic spiritual music.

Fes Festival of World Sacred Music: Spend a week in Fez immersed in spiritual sounds from around the world.

Mawazine Festival (Rabat): This one might be in late May or early June, showcasing a mix of international and Moroccan artists across genres.

Extra Tips

Keep hydrated: It can get really hot, especially away from the coast. Always have water on you.

Mind local customs: Pay respect to local traditions, particularly in religious sites and during Ramadan, which now falls in March.

Cash vs cards: Morocco uses the Moroccan Dirham (MAD), and while bigger spots take cards, cash is still preferred in many places, especially in the Souks.

Languages: Arabic and Amazigh are the main languages, but lots of locals speak French, and you’ll find English speakers in touristy areas too.

Morocco Beyond June

If June doesn’t seem like the right fit for your visit to Morocco due to the heat or any other reason, several other times of the year offer more comfortable weather conditions and different cultural events. Take a look at what Morocco has to offer beyond June.

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