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Moroccan girl names aren’t just names, they come with vibes of strength, beauty, grace, and all the good qualities parents dream of for their little ones.

My name, Fatimazahra (فاطمة الزهراء) for example, holds a special place in Moroccan and Arabic culture, symbolizing purity, radiance, and the noble act of abstention.

To me, when parents pick out a name for their child, it’s like they’re casting a good spell, hoping their daughters will grow up to embody these beautiful traits. And honestly, isn’t that a beautiful idea? Naming your kid is like making a wish for their future.

If you are looking for a name for your daughter, consider one of these beautiful Moroccan girl names. Each one is unique and has a special meaning that will make your daughter stand out from the crowd.

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moroccan girls with beautiful names (heba, nissrine and ines)
My 3 beautiful nieces are named (Ines, Nissrine & Hiba)

Modern Moroccan girl names 

Lina (لينا) – Meaning “tender” or “soft,” this name reflects gentleness and warmth.

Sara (سارة) – A name meaning “princess” or “noblewoman,” conveying elegance and grace.

Malak (ملك) – Translating to “angel,” this name signifies purity and beauty.

Nour (نور) – Meaning “light,” it symbolizes brightness, clarity, and hope.

Rania (رانيا) – Signifying “queenly” or “gazing,” it denotes elegance and a commanding presence.

Hiba (هبة) – Meaning “gift” from Allah (God), it signifies something precious and cherished.

Aya (آية) – A name meaning “miracle” or “sign,” reflecting wonder and uniqueness.

Ilyana (إليانا) – Though not traditionally Arabic, it’s become popular in modern times, meaning “sun ray” or “light.”

Amira (أميرة) – Meaning “princess” or “leader,” it conveys nobility and authority.

Dalia (داليا) – Representing a “flower” or specifically the “dahlia” flower, it symbolizes grace and dignity.

Rima (ريما) – Meaning “white antelope,” symbolizing gracefulness and beauty.

Ines (إناس): Ines mean “friendly” or “sociable,” highlighting a personality that is approachable and warm-hearted.

Nissrine (نسرين): This name has its roots in Arabic, meaning “wildflower” or more specifically, the white flower of the jasmine plant. It’s a name that evokes beauty, purity, and delicacy of a flower.

Common Moroccan girl names

Salma (سلمى) – Meaning “peaceful,” this name evokes tranquility and harmony.

Yasmine (ياسمين) – Derived from the jasmine flower, this name represents beauty, sweetness, and fragrance.

Imane (إيمان) – Meaning “faith” in Arabic, this name signifies spirituality and devotion.

Leila (ليلى) – Meaning “night” in Arabic, this name conveys the beauty and tranquility of the evening.

Amina (أمينة) – Meaning “trustworthy” or “faithful,” this name is associated with reliability and integrity.

Hafsa (حفصة) – Named after one of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad, meaning “cub” or “young lioness,” symbolizing strength and fierceness.

Zainab (زينب) – Another name with Islamic historical significance, meaning “fragrant flower,” it symbolizes beauty and grace.

Asma (أسماء) – Meaning “supreme,” it suggests greatness and has a noble connotation.

Nadia (نادية) – Meaning “tender” or “delicate,” and also interpreted as “the caller” or “announcer” in Arabic.

Fatimazahra (فاطمة الزهراء) – A revered name meaning “the shining one” or “radiant,” associated with the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.

Meryem (مريم) – The Arabic form of Mary, associated with purity and the mother of Jesus in Islamic tradition.

Old Moroccan girl names

Samira (سميرة) – This name means “companion in evening talk” or “entertaining companion,” symbolizing sociability and friendliness.

Khadija (خديجة) – The name of the Prophet Muhammad’s first wife and the first person to convert to Islam, meaning “premature child.”

Saida (سعيدة) – Meaning “happy” or “fortunate,” reflecting a positive outlook and joy.

Jamila (جميلة) – Meaning “beautiful,” this name is a timeless testament to beauty and elegance of a Moroccan girl. 

Saadia (سعدية) is a classic Moroccan girl name. It’s derived from the Arabic root word “sa’ad” (سعد), which means “luck” or “fortune.” so, the name Saadia can be translated to mean “lucky,” “blessed,” or “fortunate.”

Bouchra (بشرى) – Signifying “good news” or “glad tidings,” reflecting a sense of joy and positivity.

Ghita (غيتا) – A name of Arabic origin, often found in Morocco, meaning “unique pearl,” symbolizing purity and rarity.

Loubna (لبنى) – Derived from the Arabic for a type of storax tree known for its sweet-smelling resin, symbolizing sweetness and endurance.

Oumaima (أميمة) – A traditional name meaning “little mother,” reflecting care and nurturing.

Rajae (رجاء) – Meaning “hope” or “expectation,” a name full of optimism and looking forward.

Soukaina (سكينة) – Derived from “sukun,” meaning “tranquility” or “peacefulness,” symbolizing calm and serenity.

Tahira (طاهرة) – Meaning “pure” or “chaste,” reflecting purity of soul and clarity of mind.

Naima (نعيمة) – Signifying “tranquility” or “peace,” a name that evokes a sense of calm and serenity.

Aisha (عائشة) – Meaning “living” or “life,” this name is historically significant as the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s wife.

Widad (وِداد) – Meaning “love” or “affection,” a name that signifies deep emotional bonds and caring.

Fadwa (فدوى) – Meaning “self-sacrifice” or “redemption,” this name is admired for its connotations of altruism and selflessness.

Rihanna (ريحانة): A name derived from the Arabic Rihane (ريحان), which is the sweet-smelling basil plant, known for its fragrant leaves and delicate flowers. 

Moroccan Amazighi (Berber) girl names

Ayla (أيلا) – Meaning “moonlight” or “halo of the moon,” highlighting the beauty and serene light of the night sky.

Maya (مايا) – The name Maya has multiple origins, but in Amazigh culture, it signifies “grace” or “generosity,” qualities highly esteemed.

Silya (سيليا) – Derived from the Amazigh word for “good health,” symbolizing wellness and vitality.

Fadma (فاضمة) – A variation of Fatima, popular in Amazigh communities, meaning “one who abstains” in Arabic, but culturally associated with protection and care.

Itri (إيتري) – Meaning “star,” symbolizing light, guidance, and beauty in the Amazigh culture.

Tamayyurt ( تمايورت): This unique Amazighi name means the full moon.

I hope you find the perfect name for your daughter within these beautiful collections. Please let me know if you’re curious about any other Moroccan girl names or if there’s another name you’d like to include here. 

If you are expecting a boy, here are some unique Moroccan names for boys.

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