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Are you looking for a unique name for your baby boy? First, congratulations on your new arrival! The task of finding the perfect baby name can be both exciting and daunting so why not consider a Moroccan baby boy name?

Moroccan baby names are often inspired by both Arabic and Amazigh (indigenous Moroccan) names. They are unique, inspiring, and perfect for your little one.

Below is a list of some popular Moroccan baby boy names to get you started.

Interesting Moroccan boy names you will like

Abdellah (عبد الله)

Abd Allah also spelled Abdallah, Abdellah, Abdollah, Abdullah, and many others is an Arabic name meaning “Servant of God“.

Mohamed (محمد)

The most popular Moroccan name for boys is Mohamed. It’s the Arabic form of “Muhammad” and it means “praiseworthy”. Mohamed is the name of the Prophet of Islam.

Ahmed (احمد)

Ahmad is a boy’s first name of Arabic origin and is a diminutive of the prophet, Muhammad. The meaning of Ahmed is Highly praised; One who thanks, God.

Adnan (عدنان)

Adnan is an Arabic and Moroccan boy name common in the Muslim world. Its eponymous bearer was Adnan, a legendary figure of both pre-Islamic and Islamic mythology. The etymological meaning of the name is a settler, from a Semitic root `dn; “to stay, abide”.

Ayman (أيمن)

Ayman is also spelled as Aiman, Aimen, Aymen, or Eyman in the Latin alphabet) is an Arabic boy given name. It is derived from the Arabic Semitic root (ي م ن) for right, and literally means righteous, he who is on the right, right-handed, blessed, or lucky.

Adel (عادل)

Adil is a variation of the name Adel, an Arabic male name that comes from the word Adl, meaning “fairness” and “justice”. It is a common boy name in Morocco and in the Muslim world.

Ali (علي)

Ali is a boy name of Arabic origins. It comes from the Arabic words Aliy, meaning “sublime, high, exalted” and Ala, which means “rise, ascend”.

Achraf (أشرف)

Ashraf is a common name if Morocco meaning ‘most honorable one’ or ‘very noble’. It is also used by many Arabs and non-Arabs regardless of their religious affiliation, both Christians and Muslims alike.

Ayoub (ايّوب)

Ayoub, also written Ayub is the Arabic name of the Abrahamic prophet Job. The meaning of the name refers to patience in the face of adversity and a turn to goodness.

Akram (أکرم)

Akram is derived from the Arabic root word Karam (كرم), meaning generosity. In the Arabic language, Akram is a comparative adjective and means “kinder.”

Bilal (بلال)

Bilal is a Muslim baby boy’s name. It’s also a famous Moroccan name. Bilal is the first Muezzin (Caller to prayer) in Islam and he is a loved companion of Prophet Muhammad.

Chafik (شفيك)

The meaning of the name Chafik The name Chafik (Arabic writing: شفيك) is a Muslim boy’s Name. The meaning of Chafik is ” sympathizing “

Chouaib (شعيب)

Chouaib Shuaib, Shoaib, Shuayb; meaning: “who shows the right path”. This name is an ancient Midianite Nabi (Prophet) in Islam. Chouaib is not as popular as it was in the past, but many Moroccans have this name.

Fouad (فؤاد)

Fuad (also spelled Fouad, Foud, Fuaad, or Foad). The meaning of the name Fouad is “heart, soul”

Farid (فَرِيد)

Farid also spelled Fareed or Ferid and accented Férid, is an Arabic and Persian masculine personal name or surname meaning “unique, singular (“the One”), incomparable“.

Faisal (فیصل)

Faisal is apparently a very popular boy name in Morocco. This name translates to “resolute” or “judge,” two important traits that people should have.

Hossam (حسام)

Another meaningful Moroccan name is Hossam. Hossan is an Arabic male given name and surname. It means a sharp sword or a cutting blade. It translates to “sword of justice” or “sword that divides justice and injustice”.

Hafid (حافظ)

The meaning of the name Hafid simply means “guardian”. This name is derived from the Arabic root H-F-D, which has the meaning of “to preserve, to guard, to protect”.

Hamza (حمزة)

Hamza means strong and steadfast. Hamza is also the Uncle of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) known as the Lion of Allah and that’s where the meaning of the name Hamza comes from.

Kamal (كمال)

Perfection and absolute are two meanings that characterize the popular Moroccan boy name, Kamal.

Ilyas (الياس)

Ilyas name is driven from the Hebrew name Eliyahu, Elijah. Ilyas is also a messenger of God and it’s mentioned in the Quran. Ilyas is one of the most popular names in Morocco and other Arabic countries and it means “the Lord is my God”.

Imad (عماد)

Imad means “support” or “pillar”. It’s a unique name that’s not that popular.

Ismael (اسماعيل)

Ismael is one of the most popular names in Morocco. Ismael was the son of the prophet Abraham from his wife Sarah’s Egyptian slave girl Hajar. Ismael is a prophet in Islam.

Issam (عِصام)

Essam is an Arabic male given name and surname. It means “defended, protected, safeguarded“.

Omar (عمر)

Some names have stayed popular for years, and Omar is one of those names. This Arabic name means “flourishing” or “long-lived” and can also be spelled Umar.

Jamal (جمال)

Jamal means beauty in Arabic. A perfect Moroccan boy name for your little boy.

Rayan (ريان)

Rayan is the name of one of the gates of Jannah, Al-Rayyan. This name became very popular recently in Morocco.

Soufiane (سفيان)

This Moroccan boy name is derived from the Arabic root word Sufyan (سفيان). Soufiane is someone who is fast in taking his decisions and has a strong personality.

Samir (سمير)

The name means “evening companion” or “night friend”. Samir is someone that you enjoy his company. The name is driven from the word “سمر” which means “a night gathering for pleasure and entertainment”.

Saad (سعد)

Saad is a modern Moroccan boy name for boys which means ‘felicity, happiness, prosperity, success, and good luck. The name stems from the Arabic verb sa’ada (‏سَعَدَ‎ ‘to be happy, fortunate or lucky’).

Mehdi (مهدي)

rightly guided and protected. In Islam, Mehdi is a person who will guide people to the right path and will save them from the darkness of Dajjal.

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