Camel Trekking in Morocco: Everything You Need to Know


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Camel trekking in Morocco is an adventure that should be on everyone’s bucket list! It is a unique way to see the beauty of Morocco, a once in a lifetime experience.

But is it’s your first time going for a camel trek in Morocco, there are a few things you need to know. This blog post answers all your questions about the experience and shows you the different trekking routes and locations available, what to pack, and how to prepare for the trek.

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What is camel trekking?


Some of you might not be familiar with the camel trekking experience. Camel trekking is a guided tour where you ride on the back of a camel, usually through the desert as a part of a trip or adventure. In Morocco, there are many companies that offer camel trekking experiences as part of a Sahara desert tour and it’s a very popular activity among tourists and locals.

Is camel trekking safe in Morocco?


I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. Camel trekking is a very safe activity and there is no need to worry about your safety while camel trekking in Morocco. The local guides are very well experienced and will make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable camel trekking experience.

When is the best time to go camel trekking in Morocco?

The best time to go camel trekking in Morocco is in the winter months, from November to February. The weather is cooler during these months and it’s a great time for Camel trekking in Morocco.

Is camel trekking in Morocco ethical?

Camel trekking has been a part of Moroccan culture for centuries and is still practiced today. Some people argue that camel trekking is unethical because the animals are treated poorly and are forced to work in harsh conditions.

However, there are many camel trekking companies in Morocco that treat their animals well and it is a great way to support the local economy.

It is also important to note that camels are desert creatures and are well-suited for the conditions in which they live. They can withstand the heat and the long hours of walking, and they are able to go for long periods of time without food or water.

What to wear when camel trekking in Morocco?


The Sahara desert is HOT. Camel trekking in Morocco is usually done in the summer months when it’s extremely hot in the desert. I would recommend wearing light, loose-fitting clothing that covers your skin.

Choose clothing materials and colors that will help you stay cool, like cotton or linen. It is also important to pack a hat or a scarf to protect your face and head from the sun. And don’t forget to pack sunglasses and lots of sunblock creams!

How long does a camel trekking experience take in Morocco?

Most camel trekking experiences in Morocco last for about 2 to 3 hours. That includes going into the desert and then riding back. Some camel trekking companies also offer overnight camel treks that include camping in the Sahara desert under the stars which is an awesome way to see the desert and its very unique marvels.

How much does it cost to go on a camel ride in Morocco?

The cost of a camel trekking experience in Morocco varies depending on the company you book with the location and also the length of the camel ride.

Camel trekking experiences in Morocco are usually included in 1 to 3 days desert tour packages but you can find some that are offered as a standalone activity. Camel rides in Morocco can roughly cost between $30 and $50 per person per hour.

Where is the best place to camel trek in Morocco?


There are a few different locations to experience a camel ride in Morocco such as Marrakech, Agadir, Essaouira and many others. However, the most popular camel trekking routes are in the Moroccan Sahara desert known as Erg Chebbi desert or Merzouga desert.

The desert is about 10 hour’s drive from Marrakech. It’s a long way to go which is why most travelers opt for a stop at the famous city of Ouarzazate as part of their Sahara desert tour.

However, you won’t need to travel for hours to have a great camel trekking experience in Morocco. There are multiple camel treks within an hour’s drive from Marrakech and they offer pretty much the same excitement and fun.

5 best camel trekking tours in Morocco

Here are a few of our recommended camel trekking tours in Morocco.

3-Day Sahara Desert Tour to Merzouga from Marrakech

3 days is the recommended amount of time to fully experience the Moroccan Sahara desert and its wonders. This 3-day Moroccan desert tour includes camel trekking to a Sahara camp nestled in the dunes of Erg Chubby where you will be spending a magical night. Also, you will have a chance to explore the neighboring cities, and attractions and live a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Atlas Mountains and Agafay Desert Day Trip from Marrakech

This adventurous day trip from Marrakech offers camel riding in Agafay Desert in Morocco. Located only 45 minutes to an hour away from the city of Marrakech, Agafay Desert is often referred to as the “little Sahara” of Morocco. It’s known for its marvelous rocky landscapes.

You will have the opportunity to camel ride through the desert and explore the rocky terrain. But on the way you get to stop at many local villages such as Imlil Village and other natural sites and wonders of Morocco.

Camel Ride in Marrakech’s Palm Groves (Marrakech Palmeraie)

Marrakech Palmeraie, also known as Marrakech palm groves is one of the must-see attractions when you visit Marrakech. It’s home to more than 100,000 palm trees that date back to the 12th century and the best way to explore this place is by camel.

This one-hour-long camel ride through the palm groves will give you a glimpse of the Moroccan countryside. You will camel ride through the narrow pathways of the palm groves and see the daily life of Moroccan people who live and work in this area.

Camel Ride Tour in Agadir Beach

Camel trekking is not only limited to the desert, you can also experience camel rides on Agadir’s sandy beaches. A beach-inspired camel ride in Agadir is always timed to meet either the sunset or sunrise which makes it a very romantic and peaceful experience.

You will camel ride along the beach of the Atlantic Ocean while enjoying the fresh breeze, the smell of the sea and the extraordinary views of the sunset.

One Hour Camel Ride along Essaouira’s Countryside

If you happen to be in Essaouira and a camel ride is on your Morocco bucket list, then you are in luck because camel trekking is also found in this beach town.

This one-hour camel ride will take you along the beach of Essaouira Diabat village where you can enjoy the camel ride. The good thing about this tour is that it is child-friendly so if you are traveling with kids they will get to live this moment with you.


Well, that’s all you need to know about camel trekking in Morocco. As you can see, there are many camel riding options available to choose from. Whether you want a camel ride in the desert, beach, countryside, or even in palm groves, Morocco has it all.

If you have already experienced a camel ride in Morocco, let us know how it went, and make sure to take plenty of pictures. These beautiful memories will last a lifetime.

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